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Area Diplodocus Does Not See Himself In John McCain

This will be Diplo Diplodocus’s first election. As we talk outside his swampy home, the energetic young sauropod wags his tail with excitement, thinking about his entrance into the world of American democracy. “I registered to vote the second I turned eighteen,” Diplo says, displaying the kind of political consciousness that is present in so [...]

Kindasaurs at the L.A. Zoo

A metal triceratops in her natural environment: This gentleman projected a deadly and Jurassic air from a position of recline: Bookmark It Hide Sites

Valentine’s Day Dino Emoticons

Because dinosaurs have feelings, too.* 1. Hey raptor, let’s make out: f*><*l 2. I’ll hold your hand, friend pterodactyl: /\P/\_/\P/\ 3. Oh no, a T-Rex ate my girl!: < :-O > *Pure speculation Bookmark It Hide Sites

My Favorite Weekend: Turok

Between hunting dinosaurs in the Lost Land and struggling to apprehend rogue agent Roland Kane, video game legend Turok has been working hard. But he’s had a little time off since the release of his new Xbox game last week. The L.A. Times caught up with him to find out all about his favorite weekend. [...]

The Time Capsule

“Thank you all for gathering today,” said Bronson, the poor but wizened Brontosaurus. “I think it’s very important that we put together this time capsule so that future scientists can see what our lives were like.” “I think that’s a great idea,” Trixie the Triceratops piped up, “but what do we put inside of it?” [...]

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