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If Charles Bukowski were a Dinosaur…

Stegosaurus Woman I‘m looking at the young theropods learn to use their tails for something more than brushing away flies, when she shows up at my cave she clunks right in my stegosaurus woman and all her plates once armor now sag. the theropods whip their tails against the grass meat eaters carnivore whores. while [...]

The Veloci-Raptor was the Will Smith of his Generation

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God Plays God With Humans, Humans Play God With Robots, Robots Play God With Dinosaurs…

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Bargain Bin Paleontologists Discover Monumental Dinosaur Mummy

One afternoon, sixteen-year-old Tyler Lyson decided to go looking for fossils in his Hell’s Creek, North Dakota backyard. He noticed a bone-like protrusion popping up from the ground, and pulled out not a funny looking rock or an old deer skeleton, but an ancient, mummified Hadrosaur—complete with skin and inner organs. With this discovery, Tyler [...]

Popular Herbivore T-Shirts Slogans from the Cretaceous Period

1. Herbivore: No blood on my claws 2. Eating Meat… So 118,000,000 B.C.E. 3. Meat = Extinction 4. Powered by Cladoxylopsid 5. Allisaurus Rib: It’s what’s rotting in your colon Bookmark It Hide Sites

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