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If Dinos and Humans Coexisted, it isn’t Because of These Guys

So check it: this thing exists. Creation Evidence dot org is an exceptionally thorough site — sponsored by some Creationist folks — that is dedicated to proving that humans and dinosaurs roamed the earth at the same time. The conceit of the site is based on the discovery, in a place called Glen Rose, Texas, [...]

If Ernest Hemingway were a Dinosaur…

The Old Man and the Swamp They walked well, and the old man ran his hand along a reed and tried to keep his feet clear. There was dapple through the trees and enough sunlight above them so that the old man knew the warmth would last all day. The old man looked at the [...]

Should I Take My Boyfriend Back or Buy a Pleo?

My ex-boyfriend’s been calling me a lot, and I think he wants to get back together. But I don’t know – I’m thinking about just getting a Pleo instead. Here’s my logical analysis of the situation: Pleo costs $349. That’s a pretty solid chunk of change. But I spent $200 the day my boyfriend’s car [...]

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