If Charles Bukowski were a Dinosaur…

bukowski.jpg trex1.jpg

Stegosaurus Woman
I‘m looking at the young theropods
learn to use their tails
for something more than
brushing away flies,
when she shows up at my cave
she clunks right in
my stegosaurus woman
and all her plates once armor
now sag.

the theropods whip their tails
against the grass
meat eaters
carnivore whores.

while my woman checks
her reflection in the pond
roof lizard
she can only eat leaves and branches so she can only
piss green
and her plates sag but she’s still
defensive by design which
is useful when I’m on the attack, she sighs and
two spiky rows heave, the pond is not kind to
my stegosaurus woman.
she dreams of a T-Rex
I am a T-Rex.