Area Diplodocus Does Not See Himself In John McCain


This will be Diplo Diplodocus’s first election. As we talk outside his swampy home, the energetic young sauropod wags his tail with excitement, thinking about his entrance into the world of American democracy.

“I registered to vote the second I turned eighteen,” Diplo says, displaying the kind of political consciousness that is present in so many youngsters today. Like most of his friends, Diplo registered with the Democratic Party. “I practically don’t know anyone who registered as a Republican. It would be like announcing ‘hey, I’m a social outcast.’ Or, I guess, the ultimate act of irony.”

Because of the overwhelmingly left-leaning attitudes of his young Jurassic friends, Diplo doesn’t think it’s fair that Republican candidate John McCain is constantly referred to as a dinosaur. “It’s just because he’s old. There’s a lot more to dinosaurs than just our age, and it’s unfortunate how the word has been misappropriated. I really don’t think an Apple II microcomputer has anything more in common with a dinosaur than it does with, say, a woolly mammoth or even a mule.”

This stereotyping is part of the reason Diplo thinks it’s important for young dinos to get out and vote. When ask which way he planned to cast his ballot, Diplo responded “I see a lot of myself in Barack Obama. He’s strong and commanding. And he has that really small head. I think its time we start calling him a dinosaur.”